A constructive system based on the skin … an understanding of human and non human bodies, plants and planetary matter as an expression of the same impulse … same material with different organization … building through the multiplicity of common matter … stardust.
For this, it is necessary to understand in depth what is being alive, to go towards a conjunction of panarchic bodies in which architecture is nothing more than an expression of the cosmic dynamics … with a radical respect towards the multiplicity of life, towards the synergy of some organisms and others in somatic coalescence. In this perspective architecture, substances and organisms of all kinds collaborate to give support to the diverse, to a life exuded by panarchic bodies in which power emerges from each of them equally … [architecture-body] … in which the difference is a path of exploration … expectation! … A construction that only grows and transforms itself when it accompanies the bodies that inhabit it and vice versa … a construction of living systems