Revolutionary Landscapes: an Atlas of another Madrid

Here you can see some pages of the Atlas. It is a work of urbanism, sociology and environment elaborated by a multidisciplinary group of professionals. It is self-financed, but we have had some help to develop several workshops (with the San Pablo CEU University and with Archiprix International) that have been essential in order to reach this stage. The Atlas is not published yet but the idea is to show it in a publication or exhibition. The Atlas is a clear call for Madrid city as shows its ecological alternatives of improvement and radical transformation if we would be aware of its territorial and social capital. This work try to reveal these possibilities.

General coordination and direction: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez (PhD in Architecture)

Architecture and Landscape team: Ana Fernández Galván (Architect); Alejandra Salvador (Architect); Rocío Santo-Tomás (Architect)

Sociology: David Prieto Serrano (Sociologist); In the first stages we were having also the collaboration of Emilio Luque (PhD in Sociology)

Environmental issues: Oscar Miravalles (Forest Engineer)

Cinematography: Víctor Moreno (Film Director)

Madrid, 2016