Borders (Happening 0)
What is the meaning of borders and boundaries for the bodies that inhabit Europe’s last divided city?

BORDERS is the Happening 0 of the new format of our laboratory. It was an action of Somatic Activism performed on the rooftop of the Faculty of Architecture in Nicosia, a few meters away from the “Buffer Zone”.

Somatic Activism is an active diving – through soma – into us, others and the ecological, social and political environments we co-inhabit.

Its aim is to discover from within, to critically review pre-conceptions, and taken for granted assumptions and to empower ecosystems and societies with a great potential for transformation, with daily capability for revolutions.

Its practice unravels places of conflict and enables the inhabitation/transformation of borders.

Borders and limits always exist, but bodies have the last word on them: they can transform them, inhabit them and/or deactivate them with their power. Bodies can negotiate borders and conflicts and reconfigure the entities that those borders were originally intended to define and contain.


Direction: María Auxiliadora Gálvez

Collaborator: Anastasia Angelidou