On May the 27th and 28th we present SCORE/PARTITURA.
SCORE is a piece created by María Auxiliadora Gálvez and Jone San Martín for CAMPING, a beautiful project by Galería Nieves Fernández together with Blanca Cortés.
SCORE will be related to the work of Ángela Ferreira and her “Manifiesto Realista (Principios fundamentales de la práctica constructivista de Naum Gano)” currently on show at the gallery.
We will have the sound of Mikel R. Nieto and the support of @bulthaup_madrid_claudiocoello.
It is essential to book on the gallery’s website. You can immerse yourself in SCORE on Friday 27th May in any of its 3 shows (18:00/19:00/20:00) or Saturday 28th May in any of its two shows (12:00/13:00).
Thanks NF Gallery, join us! Book here.