Civic Ecology takes into account what citizens do in relation with their environment and broken places or obsolete landscapes they have at hand. Through the engage with these sites, both, landscape sand citizens evolve and grow at the same pace, in interaction. In this way multiple possibilities and improvements are produced. In this project, we configured a multidisciplinary group, and we focused in these abandoned areas (waste-grounds, “terrain vague” or “third landscape” pieces) existing besides the M-40 ring highway in Madrid. Areas with intimate relationship with the everyday life of inhabitants… areas containing biodiversity and imagination. The approach here is to “wear directly the topography on our bodies”… so to set a complete immersion based in walking along them together. Within the group: environmental experts, sociologists, architects, landscapers, a filmmaker… you can know more about this story visiting the ATLAS OF REVOLUTIONARY LANDSCAPES and the book “CIVIC ECOLOGY. Stories about love of life, love of place” also here, in this web.


Direction: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez

Participants: Juan Barrero, Victoria Cobeña, Ana Fernández Galván, Diego García Setién, Miguelito Gómez, Andoni Larrabeiti, Begoña López, Emilio Luque, Edgardo Mercado, Oscar Miravalles, Víctor Moreno, Gala Pérez-Iñesta

Alejandra Salvador, Fátima Sarasola, Javier Grijalbo, Maren Gómez-Cordobés, Margarita Marcellin, David Prieto Serrano, Rocío Santo-Tomás, Students of the E.P.S Univ. CEU, Students of the ETSAM, TOUCHandGOreality COLLECTIVE, ARCHIPRIX INTERNATIONAL, GÁLVEZ + WIECZOREK

Date: 2012- ...

Location: Madrid, Spain