Yesterday within the EUROPAN ESPAÑA website, they talked about the process of our project winner in EUROPAN 6 in Córdoba… the post contain also the link to the article I was writing for the local press on February the 21st. I thought I had to write it to let know architects and citizens how all this happened. How important decisions about urban issues are taken in our cities… The outcome is not positive, that is why is important to know the story. Here you have one of the first images of this beloved project in Córdoba in which my team and me were working for 10 years (2000-2010) with enthusiasm and rigour. I want to say now THANK YOU to each of you, working with me for so long:

Team: Luca Brunelli, David Franco, Miguel Ángel García Grande, Eugenio González Madorrán and Juan Lobato. // Collaborators: Julen García Asua, Blanca Rodriguez Chaparro, Andrea Rodriguez Novoa, Mª Luisa Reques, Koldo Fernández Gaztelu, Marguerita Serboli, Jean-Baptiste Joye, Carla de Prada and Mamen Sancha. // Law advisor: Alberto Escudero.// Engineering: Antonio Romero and Rafael Espejo.// Vegetation and environment: Oscar Miravalles and Córdoba Botanical Garden.// Technical architects: Miguel Ángel Rica and Manuel Cansino.
Each of them supported me, Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez, in this fascinating and idealistic project… also Juan Medina from GMU Córdoba… also Pedro Escribano from CHG Córdoba… of course Carmen Imbernón and Begoña Fernández-Shaw from Europan España… and for sure I forget somebody… looking to the last news maybe this project won’t be implemented, but the project has left a trace to do things in other way in our cities… we hope this way can be the natural one soon, and no something exceptional and fragile. We invite you to read both articles (they are only in Spanish):