We invite you to know the Schule@Im_flieger 2023 a project in which we will be collaborating as guests. The program for 2023 starts in two weeks and in parallel some of the workshops open to the public will be offered. Our “SENTIENT ECOLOGIES” is one of them. We are always grateful to Im_flieger, to the participant artists, and to the artistic director and mentor for this edition Malcolm Manning who already in 2010 opened for us an incredible horizon for learning and researching. Now, in here he will be leading “THE PRACTICE OF PRACTISE: TEACHING AS ARTISTIC RESEARCH” something that we consider fundamental in a world where bureaucracy, rigidity and repetition are conquering learning environments. We have been always defending radical pedagogies but specially since 2016 with our lab LSAAP. This is a fundamental part of our work.

Some words from Im_flieger:

“Proposing new models of production, distribution and reception, are characteristics of Im_flieger and other current and historical artist organizations and groupings. Collective artistic experimentation leads to results that challenge dominating social norms, and can open up new ways of perceiving. […]

With the collaboration of numerous artists and theorists, this format of Im_flieger creates new possibilities for sustained artistic support and longer-term (transdisciplinary) collaboration to be explored and experienced. Artistic practices at the margins of established art fields are to be strengthened, made visible and their socio-cultural potential explored.”

If you are in Vienna, don’t miss it!