Installation for a Happening of more-than-human-somatics.

A series of multi-species flesh and skin scales fall on the bodies lying down, penetrating their structures, their pores, entering into symbiosis with them. The skin sensors of different species merge into a single flesh. The scales expand around the room and take over the bodies present to remind them of our composition: a symbiosis of life forms, pure transversal amalgam, a small part of a great vital concert that we (humans) do not orchestrate.

INTERSPECIES FLESH by is part of the study group series “Conjugar Mundos: Corporalidades Multiespecies” directed by Fernando Quesada and currently happening at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. It is also part of the series of Happenings that we develop in our laboratory LSAAP. See here more documents of the event.