Visit our new project INTERSPECIES. A growing project really needed in our cities! /// The reinvention of cities is not a project we can postpone. We are forced by the triple crisis we are dealing with (health, climate and economic one) and although we should have got down to work long ago, we still have the chance to make a different city possible. Together with the reinvention of the city we must reinvent the imaginaries that govern us, otherwise no transformation will be possible. Let’s start with the latter. ///  The imaginaries that govern our society are rooted in our bodies, since we are incarnate beings. It is our own body image that will change associated with the image of the city… and this will allow us to reinvent both the city and the multiple bodies of the organisms that we want to inhabit it. What do we mean? In the title of the project itself is the answer: INTERSPECIES. /// Our body is associated in a chain with many other beings and the matter that composes us is the same as that of the stars and the rest of the organisms that inhabit the planet. We could say that if we look closely, our body is not distinguished from other organisms but rather is a kind of “multi-species Frankenstein”. We are on the verge of annihilation, but if we were to revive someone today, it would not be the Frankenstein made up of dead human parts that we already know- this one tries to make the human immortal- but rather we would like to revive an interspecific subject: an organism that is aware of its position on the planet – surely female or genderless – someone who is aware of the vital pulse and the interrelationships that run through it. A new beautiful and wise monstrosity crossed by life. Made up of multiple organisms- or at least their consciousness and memory- at the same time. Similarly, the continued opposition of cities to biodiverse ecosystems, their homogenisation and our city practices must give way to a mix of ecosystems that will make the urban possible. These ecosystems are the ones that will sustain us. We are part of them and they are part of us, as well as many other beings, humans and non-humans. They can all be consolidated in unison.