Wednesday February the 6th YOU ARE INVITED to come to the first session of the second semester of the Laboratory of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape. We will talk about how to learn through experience with reference to John Dewey, Donal Schön or different authors who nowadays defend “Situated Cognition”; we will have as case study the “Center for Sensibility” proposed by Yves Klein and Werner Ruhnau; and we will finish the day sensing all this in our own flesh with the experience “ARMS INTEGRATION”… At 18:30, in the Análisis de Formas classroom, EPS Universidad San Pablo CEU in Monteprincipe. The campus is connected with the center of Madrid through “metro ligero”, Montepríncipe Station. We will be waiting for you!! Just come!! Ü

(Image: Picture by Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez of the scenography designed by Markus Selg for “Coming Society”, Volksbühne, Berlin, 2019)