Last Friday at Matadero, we had the session STATIC LOOSE; a street version of the Laboratory of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape (LSAAP)… the CITY is SOMATIC… with María Ruiz Villar. In this occasion we worked with aspects of spatial navigation, cognitive maps, body image and body and space politics.

“Static Loose: Affordance/Agency” is the first of a series.

These sessions will be repeated once a month guided by María… who will dive each time within the concepts and experiences of our Laboratory. She will propose actions in different public spaces of Madrid, and a debate will follow. We will also give theoretical articles of the aspects involved… giving the opportunity to go deep into Somatic Architecture… and more… the next session will be November the 29th: we will give you more info soon. The LOOSE sessions are open and you don’t need to be registered in our laboratory to come: you are invited… but they are also a good opportunity to know us and join us in January!