Navigating Dizziness Together is a project directed by Ruth Anderwald and Leonhard Grond in which we are lucky to participate. Laura Brechmann and a long list of contributors also integrate the team.

Navigating Dizziness Together is a project of what is call Blue Sky Research in arts. In these projects the goal to achieve is not predetermine in advance, the project is lead by curiosity, innovation, and exploration.

At this moment here, the fields of Dizziness and Somatic Architecture are in dialogue in order to go deeper into their interconnections in which we also add the parameters of the Ecological Body. Dizziness can be understood as a resource but also as a somatic state. Somatic Architecture uses somatic states in order to create systems of co-constitution of bodies and environments. The individual research fields intertwine with artistic, philosophical, medical, ethnographic, or architectural and socio-political sources and case studies in this conversation. This in-between field of the conversation appears in itself as an epistemic territory.

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Thank you Ruth and Leo for the creation of this environment!