We have already the OPEN WORKSHOPS that we will have in the following months within the “Laboratory of Somatic for Architecture and Landscape”:
FEBRUARY the 14th: JAIME POLANCO (Biomechanical aspects)
MARCH the 7th: ANA MOMBIEDRO (Neuroscience and Architecture: eye- ear)
APRIL the 4th and 5th: MALCOLM MANNING (Double workshop indoor and outdoor in the landscape of the abandoned old munitions dump, Montegancedo)
APRIL the 25th: JAIME POLANCO comes back and with him we will “rehearse” the workshops that we will develop at HARVARD University this summer: [“Alice in Wonderland”: Motor Imagery and Movement in Conceptual and Theoretical Learning Processes] and [“Cognition under Examination: Illusionism, Lateral Thinking and Somatic”]. Write to us if you would like to come!

(Image: Peter Salter. AA Files 22 Autumn 1991, 17)