READY-MADE PROTOTYPE # 1 … fifteen minutes from me, a living architectural structure (or a tree that wants to be a room) … I discover it now, but it has been there for years … in times of the coronavirus practices and realities at hand emerge … they are there but, Will we be able to recognize them? Will we be able to give them priority to make a better life? Protecting the most vulnerable bodies we also have the possibility of revolutionizing our social, political, pedagogical or somatic relations, our relations with the planet … let’s use the innovation window that produces the crisis … with responsibility, with openness … with imagination … and let’s do changes! … This ready-made only shows us that the things we naturalize and take for granted can be different … that the opportunities at hand sometimes go unnoticed as valid alternatives … Let’s try them out, make our lives a great laboratory. Where in the future the changes come from the radical and solidary imagination, not from the crises … and now, now we take care, we learn, we feel, we invent, we protect, we take care more … we are interconnected vital network … your body is my body (in empathy, not in possession) … I feel you.