Somatic Ethnography/ Body-to-body sessions (FIs)

Working with the sensory image of multiple bodies is far from banal. At PSAAP we see it as an emancipatory and revolutionary act.

The body image, affected among others by social, political, conceptual, aesthetic, symbolic or semantic issues, constitutes a strong imaginary that dictates what a body feels authorized or not authorized to do. From this body-to-body work in PSAAP each somatic entity is valuable and original in its differences, and all acquire the power to emerge in their best version.

It is through this ethnography of bodies that we discover the design tools of somatic architecture and build its revolutions.

Let’s make a creative, revolutionary act! Let’s start with you!

In PSAAP we use Functional Integration (FI) sessions from the Feldenkrais method in order to work with your proprioception and research your sensorial image through movement.

“In an age of violent simplification, there can be no revolutionary movement without a massive enrichment of perceptions.” M. Dobruska (2017)

This somatic ethnography is related with the project Pop-Up Somatic Architecture.

Space: La Hipoteca

Acknowledgements for performing these images: Marta Badiola