“Somatic spaces and multiple bodies” are the revelation of a place from which architectures and landscapes emerge… an architectural environment that is inside us. This architecture yearns to be of the same matter of bodies, vital impulse or the planet.

Somatics is explored from philosophy and from practical methodologies, displaying the material and/or imaginary constructions that shape our political, social or ecological worlds.

Architecture is the environment that enables transformations, thoughts and original actions. A vitalist and critical hedonism that gives rise to diverse and autonomous- but cooperative- beings and places.

The body is location and access road. Its multitude of representations, imaginaries and living systems are the place of learning par excellence.

Landscape introduces different times and rhythms and, like bodies, life and death of systems.

These aspects are studied here according to five areas: spatial navigation, living systems, anthropology of the senses, imagination, and embodied and situated cognition.

Going into them we understand what somatic architectures can be: skins in the air … embodied atmospheres … exudations of life forms and their revolutions …

Author: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez

Year: 2019

Publisher: Ediciones Asimétricas

ISBN: 978-84-17905-16-3
Format: 10,5 x 15 cm.
Pages: 148

Photography book presentation: Helena Férnandez López

Production book presentation: Teatro Lagrada and María Ruíz Villar

Guest panel: Narges Bazarjani, Marta Botana, Izaskun Chinchilla, Juan Herreros and Andrés Perea.

You can buy it on the website of Ediciones Asimétricas (At the moment this book is only in Spanish. English edition soon!)