Somatics for Architecture and Landscape (2020-2021)

The University Degree in Somatics for Architecture and Landscape enters a new era.

Its two subjects (Laboratory of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape I- LSAAP I- and Laboratory of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape II- LSAAP II) re-invent their format and you can attend them according to two different modalities:

– Intensive on-site attendance:

“Laboratory I” will be developed throughout ONE WEEK intensively at the beginning of the year 2021, in JANUARY.

The “Laboratory II” will be developed throughout ONE WEEK intensively at the beginning of the summer of 2021, in JUNE.

– Remote / On-line:

 “Laboratory I” and “Laboratory II” will be held on TUESDAY from 19:00 to 21:00 (Spanish time).

Synchronous online sessions will be combined with remote, synchronous outdoor sessions, but not necessarily online.

The starting date for “Laboratory I” is October 20, 2020 and will end on February 9, 2021.

The starting date for “Laboratory II” is March 2 (2021) and will end on June 1 (2021).



The program is structured in five blocks:




Cognitive Maps

“Ecological Self”



We are Planetary Matter

Fascia and Tensegrity, Biomechanics

Systems Life and Death

Interspecies relations



Social and Political Body

Sensory Image

Sensory Systems

Synaesthesia and other Overlaps



Theories of Imagination

Utopia as a Method

Imagination and Politics

Radical Imagination



Antecedents of Somatics in Architecture and Landscape

Pedagogy and Laboratories

Situated Cognition

Extended Cognition




October the 27th/ November the 17th/ December the 15th/ January the 19th 2020-2021: María Ruíz Villar

November the 10th 2020: Jaime Polanco

December the 1st 2020: Robert Schleip

February the 2nd 2021: Chistopher Habegger

February the 9th 2021: Emanuele Coccia



20 October: Start. Embodied and Situated Cognition. Learning.

27 October: Embodied Debate 1 (María Ruíz Villar)

3 November: Living Systems. Water

10 November: GUEST Jaime Polanco. (living systems-skeleton)

17 November: Embodied Debate 2 (María Ruíz Villar)

24 November: Imagination and Politics

1 December: GUEST Robert Schleip (living systems – fascia)

15 December: Embodied Debate 3 (María Ruíz Villar)

12 January: Space Navigation.

19 January: Embodied Debate 4 (María Ruíz Villar)

26 January: Anthropology of the Senses. Synesthesia

2 February: GUEST Christoph Habegger (anthropology of the senses – acoustic space – voice)

9 February: GUEST Emanuele Coccia (Metamorphosis. Living Systems. Imagination)


If you want to know the development of LSAAP in previous years you can see it here.

Somatics for Architecture and Landscape grants a total of 6 ECTS credits and has a cost per subject of 300€. The payment can be split. (The total cost of the Program including “Laboratory I” and “Laboratory II” is 600€).

For registration you just have to send an email to the following address and we will give you all the instructions:

This Title is granted by the Institute of Technology of the USP-CEU and is associated with its Faculty of Architecture, but to study it, it is not necessary to have any previous degree or to be studying Architecture; we are open to multidisciplinary profiles.

Our program also has an agreement with the Feldenkrais Institute.

YOU ARE ALL WELCOME! And you are invited to try a session without any further compromise: just let us know and visit us!!

* Depending on the profile of the participants, LSAAP will be taught in Spanish, English or bilingual format.

LSAAP is directed by María Auxiliadora Gálvez