Do you want to come to an OPEN CLASS where you can see how can be the classes of the course of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape that we will develop the next academic year? We will have one next Monday July the 9th within the event “THE BOSTON EXPERIENCE- A TRILOGY OF WORKSHOPS”. We share the event with Chus Jiménez and Jaime Polanco. It will be from 10:00 to 13:30 in Juan Alvarez Mendizabal 65, Madrid. The three workshops will be in English and they will be a rehearsal about the ones we will be developing in Harvard in a few weeks. Our workshop within the event will be: “Alice in Wonderland: Motor Imagery and Movement in Conceptual and Theoretical Learning Processes” and it will be an immersion about IMAGINATION. But you can be interested also in Lateral Thinking, Magic and Somatics (J.P) or in medical research associated to movement (Ch.J). Everything conducted through small lectures and applied Feldenkrais lessons with summer atmosphere. We wait for you! You have only to make the inscription writing to