Imagination is not something banal, naïve or romantic. It is the main instigator of political and urban alternatives that we can set in motion and that allow us to face current challenges.
Imagining around reality in order to find possibilities for transformation that do not depend on crises; imagining bodies and ecologies; allowing us to engage in practices other than those programmed by the dominant powers; investigating the positionings of the margins and allowing their proposals to flourish. If you are not aware of the imaginaries that move you, someone else makes them for you without you being able to question them.
The somatic revolution uses the awareness of the imaginaries that move us and transforms them according to the possibilities of thinking together – the diverse forms of life – with our multiplicity of interspecies flesh.
On Saturday we were talking about urban imaginaries as a result of the cycle that during the month of April they have programmed in @cinezeta (if you don’t know what this group of young people between 18 and 26 do in @cineteca you have something fantastic to discover).
It was a pleasure to talk with people so committed, vital and curious about life and knowledge in all its aspects. Congratulations @punzadass , @marmtrdz, Sandra and the rest of the team for creating so many spaces to imagine and make changes together!