WASTEGROUNDS. Walking the revolutionary landscapes in the somatic city

The bodies move in a set of fluid trajectories that assemble walking with a diversity of somatic practices carried out in the wastegrounds of the city of Madrid. Along the way, rituals, activisms, manifestos, alliances and projects follow one after the other, revealing the emergence of the somatic city. A city of interspecies flesh where the more-than-human world is an agent of design.

Revolutionary landscapes, civic ecology or radical imagination give us the possibility to travel to the edges of our urban practices in order to transform them. The somatic city is designed by the intimate ecologies of life forms that definitively change the morphology of the urban. Revolutionary landscapes are revolutionary because in them “I become you, with you – whoever you are – in this somatic city”.

(This book is in Spanish)

Link to the conversation about the making-of celebrated on May the 11th of 2022.

Link to the article in the newspaper EL CONFIDENCIAL

Link to the radio interview in RNE (listen in between the minutes -41.45 and -31.06)

In the presentation in Madrid, celebrated on June the 18th (2022), we were accompanied by Victoria Acebo, Iñaki Ábalos, Susana Velasco and Mauro Gil-Fournier.

Presentation picture by María Patiño.


Author: María Auxiliadora Gálvez.

With contributions by: Ana Fernández Galván, Oscar Miravalles, Víctor Moreno, Alejandra Salvador and Rocío Santo-Tomás.

Year: 2022

Format: 17cm x 24cm

Pages: 160

ISBN: 9-788419-050212

Publisher: Ediciones Asimétricas.

Graphic designers: El Vivero

This work has received a grant of the Comunidad de Madrid