Revolutionary Landscapes

The atlas of Revolutionary Landscapes is a register and a manual.  It registers the civic ecology practices of Madrid citizens in the waste grounds along the M-40 highway. At the same time it fosters entanglements with the wastelands ecosystems, guiding to specific places that create another possible vision of the city and that aims to transform the urban practices in themselves, creating a different city. 

The atlas shows how citizens in the margins deal with production of food, protection of the environment, or biodiversity. The atlas enhances visions of biophilia in these fragile ecosystem of the urban abandoned areas, and highlights is beauty. The atlas has been produced through a collection of walks that happened mainly in between 2015 and 2018.

The atlas is also an archaeology as lots of these spaces and practices that were registered are not existing any more. It is also the awareness of the forgetful city that destroys places without knowing it, in silence. The atlas speaks loudly about the green network that these wastelands configure. They are a reservoir not only of biodiversity but also of people imagination and skills.

The atlas will be part of the book “Descampados. Caminando la Ciudad Somática” which will be published in 2022.


General coordination and direction: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez (PhD in Architecture)

Architecture and Landscape team: Ana Fernández Galván (Architect); Alejandra Salvador (Architect); Rocío Santo-Tomás (Architect)

Sociology: David Prieto Serrano (Sociologist); In the first stages we were having also the collaboration of Emilio Luque (PhD in Sociology)

Environmental issues: Oscar Miravalles (Forest Engineer)

Cinematography: Víctor Moreno (Film Director)

Madrid, 2016