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Kinesthetic sense, Proprioception and Body Schema

The kinesthetic sense is the one involved in orientation, muscular effort and position, and environment information in movement. In this way we receive inputs from exteroceptors (external information) and from proprioceptors (internal information). Thus, proprioception in its modalities of “proprioceptive non-conscious information” or “proprioceptive awareness”, gives us information about our body movements and positions, independently from vision. For its part, “body schema” is the sensorimotor representation of the body that guide actions. It is not something apart from its environment… it is different from the “body image” referred to the conscious image or representation, owned, but abstract and disintegrated, appearing to be something differentiated from its environment. Body image groups all the other representations about the body that are not used for action, but includes some other aspects social or politic for example. The projects here included, design environments for the development of these human skills in all their dimensions, mainly, using movement, perception and space and body politics. The basis of all of them is ecological as they work with the relationships in between organisms and their environments.