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Light and Color

LIGHT and COLOR are important issues concerning our perception of space and our experience of it. The projects presented here, work with them in different ways. Real Madrid Pavilions produce a filtered white light, homogeneous and thick; meanwhile La Corita Nursery School has a collection of liquid and thin luminosity, that once overlapped, create a different territories for kids. Inside the Ice-rink, light and color build an atmospheric effect where air becomes one with the presence of the trees outdoor. In this way they can be perceived and enhance from the indoor space. Inside El Caracol Nursery School, light is punctual and contained in “light wells”. At the same time the multiplicity of oriented windows, gives an array of “chiaroscuro” of situations with the horizon as background. Finally, in the proposal for the Aarhus Architecture School, light spaces are productive ones, but also they are able to organize movements choreographing space…