The production of new collective images, the expansion of the possibilities of reality through the most radical imagination, and the visualization of new scenarios is a fundamental part of an ideal ecosystem and of the relationships of its organisms. We propose a city able to involve each and every one of the agents implicated following a role in which they are able to develop their own capacities and desires. This new collective imagination counts on the reservoir, which exists in the city, as the most radical imagination is linked to what there is already there. We talk about waste-grounds; plots under transformation with an uncertain future; or pieces of “nature” captured inside the urban fabric… these more informal spaces are the citizens’ treasure. The most intense expression of this vision is located at the South Harbour, a place where relations of humans and non-humans are articulated, as well as their relations with the environment. Here the collective-public space of the WINTER GARDEN allows new ecological relationships along the whole year, especially in winter, when life outside is harder. This collective multipurpose winter garden is available either to play a tennis match, either to celebrate a birthday. The main articulators of this space are the individual gardens. These gardens, spheres for personal “natures”, configure the communal expression made by citizens. Each citizen can have one and can be connected to it through a monitoring system used from their phones. The gardens can be transported during spring and summer to other points of the network, provoking a continuous dynamic of change according to citizens’ rituals.

Author: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez Pérez

Collaborator: Alejandra Salvador Camarmo

Developer: The Next Helsinki

Date: 2015

Status: FINALIST (LONGLISTED) within the competition THE NEXT HELSINKI

Location: Helsinki, Finland