The project was organized and produced by the Spanish Embassy Cultural Department and the CCEBA within the framework of the Buenos Aires Government`s CIUDANZA 2012, Dance in Urban Landscapes Festival. The event aims to occupy and revitalize the Padelai building and its gardens during one week. Nowadays in ruins, the Padelai is a 1897 building located in San Telmo neighbourhood in Buenos Aires (Argentina) that was once an orphanage for abandoned children. The intervention format consists of a five days´ interdisciplinary workshop and a final open door event. The project deals with ideas concerning the reading of obsolete spaces. Having reached its maximum load capacity, these particular spaces are nowadays decoded. They could be conceived as the opposite of “tabula rasa” spaces, as we can find multiple places and times contained in their reality. They are actually spaces with a superabundance of interpretations and appropriation levels. These spaces are especially tailored to the development of alternative spatial practices, which would make possible to discover new architecture and urban realities. The interdisciplinary workshop “Espacio-Tiempo-Movimiento. Registros de la Touch & Go Reality” counted on the participation of architects, dancers and filmmakers. The participants were put in mixed teams and developed works patterns that followed the cycles of the site’s experience and its recordings. These work processes revealed both the different layers that were present in this particular reality and the new tools that should be used in order to explore them. The proposal of each team intensified not only the site’s experience but also the site’s beauty from different points of view. They transformed both the architecture and the garden spaces.


Curatorship and original idea: Victoria Cobeña and Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez.

Workshop directors: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez (Architecture), Edgardo Mercado (Dance) y Daniela Muttis (Video)

Collaborator: Daniela Ponieman (Photography- image 14)

Sponsoring institution: Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID), Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de España, Oficina Cultural de la Embajada de España en Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires (CCEBA)

With the support of: Buenos Aires City Government (GCBA). Festival del GCBA CIUDANZA 2012

Participants: ECO (Espacio Claro Oscuro): Nina Corti (V), Ana Giura (D), Valeria Hataulina (A), Julia Kilberg (D),Rodrigo Kommers Wender (A), Fernando Darío López Plá (A),Hugo Sanchez (V); (in) TENSIÓN: Romina Cariola (V), Lucía Guerberoff (A), Gabriela Muriel Antezon (A+D), Ana Lia Ruiz (A+D); HABITACION DE AUSENCIAS: Ana Friedlmeier (D), María Alejandra Marques (D), Carina Viviana Mercado (A), Stella Maris Santiago (V), Agustin Zanalda (V+A); ÍNTIMAS PERCEPCIONES: Eva Cristina Jaramillo (A), Alejandra Ibánez (A+D), Romina Robles (D), Eugenia Basabe (D),Mercedes Lastra (D); 5ª VARIACIÓN DE UNA PIEL ACCIDENTADA EN FUGA: Cristina Rodriguez Pereira (A), Luciana Silberfaden (A), Juan José López (D), Susana Claramunt (D), Aline Benchemhoun (V), Andrés Sartisón (V); TU LÍMITE ES MI LUZ: Marina Villelabeitia (A), Cristina Rocío Gutierrez (A), Maria Celeste Martín (D), Camila Donato (D); UMBRALES: Isabella Moretti (A), Constanza Zarnitzer (V), Violeta Mansilla (D), Verónica Paz (V).

[(A) Architecture  (D) Dance (V) Video]