The winning project at the VI Europan edition, develops an environmental residential area at the Guadalquivir River in Córdoba. The proposal, that considers trees and constructions working in synergy, reveals and alternative way of qualification of the natural-urban space. It is about a three-dimensional and topological definition of space that involves multiple movement possibilities for its inhabitants but also for the fluvial fauna and flora. What is enhanced is the encounter in between a living infrastructure- the River- and the domestic and collective realm of the community living there. Biodiversity is considered under a social point of view- including different kinds of housing units- and under an environmental point of view, establishing for this strong collaboration with the Botanical Garden of the City. The Botanical Garden, located just in front of the Cordel area, helps to configure a riverside with autochthonous species, a progression with more presence also of productive and edible ones and a more anthropized landscape in the limit with the consolidated city. In this way, the river corridor that conforms “El Cordel de Écija”, is linked with the green network of natural spaces of City and River. The housing units try to catalyze this relation in between medium and inhabitants, making possible multiple scenarios for this encounter. Sensorial and kinaesthetic experiences are fundamental aspects in the materialization of the project.

Author: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez.

Team: Luca Brunelli, David Franco, Miguel Ángel García Grande, Eugenio González Madorrán and Juan Lobato.

Collaborators: Julen García Asua, Blanca Rodriguez Chaparro, Andrea Rodriguez Novoa, Mª Luisa Reques, Koldo Fernández Gaztelu, Marguerita Serboli, Jean-Baptiste Joye, Carla de Prada and Mamen Sancha.

Legal advisor: Alberto Escudero.

Technical urban installations: Antonio Romero and Rafael Espejo.

Landscaping: Oscar Miravalles and Jardín Botánico de Córdoba.

Technical ArchitectS: Miguel Ángel Rica and Manuel Cansino.

Dates: Competition (2001), Urban planning (2003), Typological study I (2003), Typological study II (2007), Urbanization projects (2007), Typological study III (2008), Reparcelization project (2010).

Estado: 1º PRIZE Europan VI in Córdoba. General preliminary design developed. Urban planning developed. Urbanization projects of three areas developed. Reparcelization of one of the areas..

Location: Córdoba, Spain.

Surface: 26Ha