The project considers the following aspects: 1- The idea to establish a gradation inside this urban-natural system, from “grade 0” (subtle enhancement or redirection of natural dynamics) to a “grade 4” (architecture is active in the system)./ 2- The incorporation of the four classic natural elements as architectonical material: water, air, earth and light. These would be elements that actively included, are able to implement a system where nature and architecture are in synergy. The result is a construction that reacts to the environment dynamics, to the atmosphere, the meteorology, the fluvial events… and time in general./ 3- The idea is also to conform the public urban space and the intimate domestic space, as a perceptual sequence, configuring rooms in harmony with the body measurements and charged with sensorial and somatic experiences. These structures would allow body resonances, but also landscapes related to memory and imagination. Inhabitants choose the final sequence of the experience in real time. The designed structure enhances multiple sequences, making possible to present time and its variables as design agents.

Author: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez Pérez

Collaborators: Plácido González, Juan Lobato, Jean-Baptiste Joye, Carla de Prada, Mª Luisa Reques, Julio Muñoz and Hector Torres.

Developer: EUROPAN/ Ville de Delémont

Date: 2008

Status: Premiado, RUNNER UP Ex aequo Europan 9

Location: Delémont, Suiza

Site surface: 3,5 Ha