The book is part of the EXCEPTO collection of monographic publications. COAM’s Architectural Foundation edited the series under the curatorship of Enrique Encabo and Inmaculada Esteban Maluenda. Number 21, shows years of work of the architectural and landscape office Gálvez + Wieczorek integrated by Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez and Izabela Wieczorek. The antecedents of this Platform are in those days. In the pdf file that you have here attached, you can read a couple of texts where both were defining the focus of their work. The Gálvez + Wieczorek office defined their philosophy in the following way: “Nowadays, our work is focused on catalysing, facilitating, enhancing and accompanying the relationships in between organisms- human or not- and the relations in between them and their environment- built or not. This ecological view is strongly associated to somatic and anthropologic components and from it emerge multiple spatial trajectories, rituals and collective imaginaries. Particularly it would be the phenomena the ones determining the spatial crystallizations, shapes, forms and the systems of our constructions. We don’t want to cancel the natural sequence of things; we want to feel the seasons and the pass of the time. Our aim would be to work with the nexus in between spatial qualities, movement and perception, integrating participants and environments; our architecture won’t be defined by a specific geometry, a technology, a type or a system, but by the engagement of the body in any of the possible levels: sensorial, motor or related to imagination. We are interested in processes of dissolution of material limits: sensorial and atmospheric strategies that can substitute the physical systems of division. Ambivalent limits, invisible appropriations, territories marked by air. We understand material as dynamic element, ambient catcher and support of the action; element able to integrate atmospheres subject to continuous changes; material able to enhance imagination…” See more in the on line Archive of Gálvez + Wieczorek.

Authors: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez and Izabela Wieczorek

Year: 2008

Gálvez Pérez, Mª Auxiliadora; Wieczorek, Izabela: CARTOGRAFIAS ACTIVAS. GALVEZ+WIECZOREK. EXCEPTO 21. 21, pp. 0 - 80. (España): EA! EDICIONES DE ARQUITECTURA. FUNDACION ARQUITECTURA C.O.A.M, 2008. ISBN 978-84-96656-52-9