“The House of Fairytales” in Odense, aims a complete experience in relation with Hans Christian Andersen universe, to whom is dedicated as museum an ludic place for kids. The project develops two main strategies: 1- Architecture and landscape are organized as an exhibition medium in themselves: the space, its materiality and the topological relationships in between the different parts, are set following the suggestions of Andersen’s Tales. The proposal unfold a world in which dreamed natures and spaces can be found in every corner; 2- Programme, experience and trajectories of the museum are articulated in a rich and active way: the whole itinerary through the exhibition is done taking into account the relationship of the visitor with the different exhibition parts and perceptive modes. Following this, four different kinds of exhibition devices are set: a) tales scenes; b) dynamic exposition areas “on the way”; c) exhibition territories; d) landscape and architectural areas. The building includes also within its fabric the existing buildings on the plot: the birth house of H.C. Andersen, the “Memorial Hall” and two more protected dwellings located in the site. These constructions are protected and slightly touched by the translucent sky of the new building creating a covered square where some documents about Andersen’s biography are showed. The different scenes configure perceptive worlds but also thermodynamic ones (an example is the inclusion of water as an active element in the conditioning of the building not only in fostering imaginative scenarios) and social ones. Built environments, living organisms and social exchange dynamics are integrated through the tales’ imaginaries.

Author: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez

Collaborators: Ana Fernández Galván and Ricardo García Navia

Developers: Odense City Museums, City of Odense

Date: 2013-2014

Status: Competition Project

Location: Odense, Denmark