Implementation of Architectural and Landscape Projects

Light and Color
Real Madrid Pavilions
La Corita Nursery School
Ice Rink
El Caracol Nursery school
AARHUS Architecture School
Kinesthetic sense, Proprioception and Body Schema
Piazza Castello
SAMI cultural center
Plovdiv Central Square
Urbanization and landscape project Cordel de Écija
Europan 6. Housing & Landscape development
Organisms & Relationships: Social and Biodiverse Issues
School Palace
Aquaculture Regenerative Machine. Laguna Art Prize
Collective Winter-garden for "The Next Helsinki"
Social Natures
Beti Jai
Atmospheres and Energies
Solar Narratives
Rehabilitation Roquetas Market
Taichung City Cultural Center
Europan 11. Contemporary Landscapes
Atmospheric Gran Vía
Embodied Cognition and Skin
The Skin in the Air... Somatic Coalescence
Pop-Up Somatic Architecture
Civic Ecology
Heliography for bodies of warm and cold blood
Planetary Garden
La Lastrilla Cemetery
Imagination and re-invention
La Muntanya Amiga
Real Imaginaries: The Somatic Revolution
House of Fairytales
Ghost Town Challenge
The Golden Room (ARCO 2013)
Europan 7. Fabric of Happiness
Acoustic spaces: events in time
Sentient Garden
Sunset Expander
Europan 9. Housing development in "LE GROS SEUC"
Green Helium Route
Phenomenological House