Aquaculture Regenerative Machine: a choreography for tides, moon and organisms. It is an environmental dynamic installation, but also an instrument based on the vital rhythms of the organisms of the Venice lagoon and their connections with the tides cycle, with the cosmos and with the human environment. The installation amplifies these rhythms to be able to perceive them in an expanded way, and it works through the observation of the moon and its gravitational interaction with the earth.
The environmental installation has two main targets: 1/ The first one is to work in favour of the recovery of the bottom of the lagoon and its endemic species, expanding biodiversity; 2/ The second is to catalyze the relationship in-between people among themselves and their environment; The proposal, strength their awareness of the vital rhythms of the other alive organisms (non-humans) and their connection with the cyclic movements and times of tides and the cosmos of our natural environment, specifically through the observation of the moon.
With this goals the installation or choreographic machine, is made up by the following elements: A ring demarcating the area dedicated to aquaculture, a collection of specific pools located in the south part of the ring, and two devices of observation, enjoyment and knowledge about the moon, tides and living organisms, one to be observed at close distance and one for territorial scale.
In this way an observer can establish direct contact through his/her somatic experience and observation of the moon, tides and the whole arrange of living organisms.

Authors: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez Pérez and Edgardo Mercado

Date: 2015-16

Status: Competition project FINALIST within the LAGUNA ART PRIZE.

Location: Venice Lagoon, Italy