LSAAP Body-to-Body 

LSAAP body-to-body is a branch of our Somatic Laboratory applied to Architecture and Landscape.

It consists of a series of individual sessions combined with other collective formats. It is an experimental environment that adapts to each person’s field of research, always from a somatic root. It is a line of work in parallel to our happenings and collective workshops. There are several formats:

1/ Trilogy Series I

This is a format specially developed for people who research through the body. We combine individual FI sessions with specific topics of study. The first series consists of 3 sessions:

I- STRUCTURE (Politics of Easiness)

II- IMAGINARIES (Interspecies Body)

III- SKIN (Distributed Cognition Systems)

The format of these series is that of somatic research, i.e. it will be through the body itself and its movement that we learn about these three aspects in their relation to architecture: (STRUCTURE) The structures that work by form and biotensegrity, we can experience them in our perception; (IMAGINARIES) The bodily imaginaries according to which we design we can discover them in our perception, we can also discover new ones to design in other ways; (SKIN) Somatic markers, skin receptors and fascia function as distributed cognition systems that we can also design in architecture.

The sessions will last approximately one hour per person (IF), plus half an hour of introduction and comments on the topic. In total 90 minutes. Bibliography or drawings specific to each session will also be consulted. The date is agreed individually, on Tuesday afternoon or Saturday morning.

> Price of the 3 sessions of 90 minutes each: 165 euros (payable in 3 parts of 55 euros each).


2/ LSAAP full laboratory

Each edition of LSAAP in this format contains:

5 individual sessions of Functional Integration (FI) of the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education applied to your research

2 collective master classes (hybrid: on-site and online)

2 group sessions (hybrid: on-site and online)

1 final closing and sharing session (hybrid: on-site and online)

Ongoing discussion and facilitation of resources throughout the process.

The duration of this laboratory is a minimum of two months and a maximum of four months. We will discuss this with you on an individual basis.

The aim is to learn how to do somatic research.

If your field of study or professional field is somewhere in the spectrum that relates the body to space, art, architecture, politics or more generally any socio-cultural or ecological environment, in LSAAP you can learn to establish coherent relations between a habitual bodily practice and the practice of theory and project making. Somatics is here an activist, academic, creative and research tool.

> Price 1/2 laboratory. Includes the 4 collective sessions and the final one (this modality can be on-site or online) or the 5 individual sessions: 240 €.

> Price full laboratory: 450 €.

> This laboratory is for free when it operates within research projects associated with specific institutions.

*If you have already attended other editions of LSAAP this format will have specialized learning for you, going ahead into an advance level.


3/ LSAAP Single Sessions

>>>LSAAP Body-to-Body Sessions >

This is a session of Functional Integration (FI) of the Feldenkrais method of somatic education.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Cost: 50 €.


>>>LSAAP Body-to-Body Sessions applied to your research>.

This is a session of Functional Integration (FI) of the Feldenkrais method of somatic education + applied bibliography and case studies.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Cost: 65 €.

The PROGRAM of the sessions applied to your research are within this framework:




Cognitive Maps

“Ecological Self”



We are Planetary Matter

Body Structures

Systems Life and Death

Interspecies relations



Social and Political Body

Sensory Image

Sensory Systems

Synaesthesia and other Overlaps



Theories of Imagination

Utopia as a Method

Imagination and Politics

Radical Imagination



Antecedents of Somatics in Architecture and Landscape

Pedagogy and Laboratories

Situated Cognition

Extended Cognition


Register or ask for a session by writing to


These sessions are one of the formats of our lab. The Body-to-Body Sessions are related to LSAAP in Happenings and to our Pop-Up Somatic Architecture project.



BODY-TO BODY Space: These pictures are done in La Hipoteca. Our sessions could be in different places but generally are developed in our library.

Performers in these images: Marta Badiola and María Auxiliadora Gálvez

Other collective images are from diverse LSAAP editions at different places.