During the second year, LSAAP explores with more intensity the aspects of learning in terms of “spatial thinking” and “structural thinking” but includes also a new field of study, which would be the “integration of theoretical concepts”. Concerning the first, this year LSAAP develops video recordings to monitor proprioceptive learning that is able to affect spatial vision, design and reading of spaces and ergonomics; concerning structural thinking, the tests include this time graphics and diagrams instead of images; And concerning the study dedicated to “theoretical concepts integration”, two groups are compared with conventional theoretical lessons and lessons where you can learn the same concepts somatically. The intention is to see if there are differences in the way in which the students integrate this information.

You can see the results of the years 2016-17 and this one 2017-18 within the paper that we were presenting at the International Conference “MOVEMENT: BRAIN, BODY, COGNITION” celebrated at Harvard Medical School in Boston by clicking here.


Direction: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez (PhD in architecture and teacher under training of the Feldenkrais Method)

Collaborator Teachers: Mariano Molina and Mª Concepción Pérez (Architectural Structures)

Guests and Advisors: Alba Aja, Laura de Azcárate, Isabel Daganzo, Chus Jiménez, Ana Mombiedro, Jaime Polanco, Malcolm Manning and Kasia Salamon.

Collaborators: Juan Hernández Basterra, Margarita Pueyo, Rocío Santo-Tomás y Julia Ruíz-Cabello.

Collaborating Institutions: Faculties of Medicine and Architecture EPS San Pablo CEU University; Feldenkrais Institute Spain.

Participants: Mainly students of the EPS Faculty of Architecture, most of them of Diploma Thesis level (in the group also a few of 4º and 5º year and some graduates).