It is about a three days workshop (January the 24th, 26th and 27th in 2012) in which students from different levels of the Architecture Faculty, work through movement in the recording and design of environmental transformations (spatial, temporal, atmospheric) that lead to a certain alternative scenography or choreography of the place. In this way, design is done from within in a real situationist immersion. Here we show images of some of the experiences and two of the eight final proposals that the 37 participants made in groups of 4-5 persons. (See more in: Muévete workshop blog)


Directors: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez, Begoña López and Fátima Sarasola

Collaborators: Andoni Larrabeiti (Choreographer), Cia SINFFIN Danza directed  by Sylvia González. Dancers: Alberto Almazán Tavero, Luís Carlos Molina Cuevas and Mª del Carmen Varela Martínez. Pablo Cuesta (Blog and registration of documents) Pablo Delgado (Coordinator of the Parametric workshop)

Lugar: E.P.S Universidad San Pablo C.E.U. Facultad de Arquitectura

Students by teams: Team 1 (parametric workshop): Beatriz Alejandre, Juan Carpio, Pablo Delgado and Lara Freire; Team 2: Patricia Bolaños, Sara Fernández Pomar, Marta Martínez, Luís Fernando Peña Villoria and Irene Rodríguez Vara; Team 3: Pedro Arroyo, Lucía Espinós, Guillermo Fernández, Sofía González Ostos and José Antonio Rodrigo; Team 4: Cristina Alonso, Álvaro Fernández, Laura Rojo and Belén Valencia; Team 5: María Arenal, Paloma Berges, Ana López, Efraín Redondo and Eva Seijas; Team 6: Mª Sol Antón, Marta Kayser, Alicia Leal, María Martínez and David Prieto; Team 7: Carlos Azañedo, Sebastián Bayo, Jorge Borondo, Cristina Izcara and Lidia Martínez; Team 8: Ana Fernández Galván, Álvaro Herranz, Enrique Martín and Salvador Orriach.

Guests at the final jury: Mª José de Blas, Luís Casillas, Alejandro Gómez, Andrés Perea and Rubén Picado.