Which is the public garden space of the XXI Century?… And… how can be linked these imaginaries of public gardens in the XXI Century with the traces and testimonies of history that are present in this public space of Piazza Castello?…
Under our point of view, the public gardens of the XXI Centuries are the so-called, “Third Landscape” (Clement, 2003), but also “Second Nature” (Geuze, 2010) or under other authors “Nouvelle Nature” (Girot, 2005) or “Third Wilderness” (Hofmeister, 2009). What all these “titles” have in common is the consideration of environment as a cyclic panorama, always under construction, evolving at the same pace of people living on it, and in this sense all these gardens, are the ones emerging inside the city when man recovers the sensitivity to let nature to come back inside these urban scenarios or when simply, man abandons urban spaces and spontaneously a new natural conquer is produced. We believe that this reintegration of a wise nature inside the heart of the city is a good compromise for Piazza Castello. A “Second Nature” relating to the inhabitants not in the already stereotyped way that most of the new urban parks propose but in a way in which the inhabitant is able to have an spontaneous behaviour emerging from a continuous feedback with his environment. Movements, rituals, social and ecologic concerns are fostered on this urban landscape… as a natural way of learning through our real and direct experience.

Author: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez.

Second stage team: Patricia Ramos (Architect) and Rocío Santo-Tomás (Architect)

Advisors: Sandro Rolla (Architect), Felicita Forte (Landscaper) and Franco Sarra (Engineer)

Date: 2016-17

Status: FINALIST in International competition.

Location: Milan, Italy.