We want to think of public space as the main field of action of our urban ecosystem! Ecosystem where the relation between organisms- human or not- and their environments is especially intense. Where this intertwining is fully articulated! We understand as environment, built and non-built spaces as this distinction is only a question of time in a dynamic reality. The natural elements, the built ones and the social interconnections become a one an only platform! We want to be aware of this dynamic reality placing our point of interest in the everyday life events and the changes that are linked to them: growing vegetation, seasonal transformation, or urban rituals… revealing time development!

Our main target is to integrate in one and only urban platform, the different topographic levels and layers, connecting them simply and naturally through easy movements, without interruptions. We want also to set without cuts history, innovation and quotidian events. The most radical imagination of every citizen is developed in democratic spaces, only pre-defined, giving space to spontaneity and invention. The strategy in terms of physical space is simple: the project proposes the inter-connexion in between levels through new terrain mounds coming from the existing archaeological excavations on site.

Author: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez.

Collaborators: Ricardo García Navia, Oscar Llorente and Ana Pérez Fernández.

Developer: Ciudad de Plovdiv.

Date: 2014

Status: Competition project

Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria