The new press, hospitality and TV sets pavilions, beside the Real Madrid stadium, emerge from the necessity of some temporal structures using a constructive system able to be assembled quickly and with dry-joint using materials like polycarbonate or “viroc” boards. The roof is also a façade and is configured like a garden, contributing to the climate management of the pavilions. The different enclosures work with the idea about how one can see or be seen, or how to stay with some privacy. In this way, for example the hospitality pavilion is wrapped in translucent polycarbonate creating a transition from the most exposed and public area, till the encounter room for family and friends after the match. The choreography of movements and visibilities, are done through the diverse materiality and kind of associated light. These pavilions were conceived to be temporal and dismountable. They were active for two years.

Authors: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez Pérez, Angel Jaramillo and "B&G Arquitectura y Gestión"

Collaborators: Fermina Garrido, Jakob Hense and Marisa Reques

Date: 2001

Status: Built and Dismantled in 2003.

Location: Madrid, Spain