Shared Processes: the Event’s Builders

 The comparison between the creative processes in dance and architecture constitute a panorama, which is able to figure out reality with different and intense perceptive connotations. It is about a reality where the important thing is the immersion into the spatial-temporal phenomena, the contact of the space of our body and the spatial essence that is outside our skin limits. Under an architectonical point of view, dance would be a key discipline, a laboratory where it is possible to freely explore the concepts related to the body-space system, consequently it is also a good frame to seek the necessary tools to work with them. One of the most important examples of this laboratory consolidated in the intersection of choreographical, and architectonical processes is the collaboration between Lawrence Halprin, landscape architect, and Anna Halprin, choreographer. Through the direct experience of the body in space, they will develop notations and creative cycles able to work with the material of this expanded perception of reality. The review of these creative cycles tested mainly in the sixties is nowadays specially appropriated, when diverse branches of philosophy rooted in phenomenology are interested precisely in dance and architecture as key territories. It seems that it is the opportune moment to expand the architectonical tools, which have been implemented till now, following phenomenological concerns.

Author: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez

Year: 2014

Image: Weekend workshop at the Sea Ranch: “LA Spectacular”, 1981. “Driftwood village”. Lawrence Halprin.

Gálvez Pérez, Mª Auxiliadora: Procesos Compartidos: Los constructores de eventos, Cuadernos de Proyectos Arquitectónicos. Dep. de Proyectos Arquitectónicos ETSAM. 5,pp.108-115. ISSN 2174-1131.

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