“Social Natures” are conformed by two urban platforms for citizens’ experiences.
The two proposals, located in Paris (France) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) reveal synthetic and artificial natures, urban, but also domestic ones.
We deal here with “organisms” that interact with citizens using either technology that allows the irruption of a new imaginary- through the act of painting with light- either through their own spatial or meteorological structure.
They are dynamic structures that will change along time and through the seasons.
Citizens contribute to their “final” configuration.
They propose collective events that intensify the experience here and now, but also citizens’ imagination. Their character is festive.

Authors: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez, Edgardo Mercado and Christian Delécluse.

Collaborator: Ana Pérez Fernández

Advisor: José Miguel Prada Poole

Date: 2014

Status: Preliminary project/ competition project at Buenos Aires Site Specific.

Location: Paris/ Buenos Aires.