The Golden Room that we propose for the Vip Space of ARCO (2013), is an opportunity to stop for a while and observe our surroundings with new eyes, awaken, able to take nothing for granted as reality is richer than sometimes it seems to be… and we think it to be… and that richness inhabits in our way of looking at the quotidian events. The room is made with habitual materials within our everyday life: scaffolding, mirrors, canvas, chains, magnifying glasses or thermal blankets. The room invite us to recognize the beauty of simple and quotidian things and to observe in an intense way not only these objects but also everything around us here. Through the magnifying glasses we can observe the texture of our skin or the fabric of our clothes and in this way to see new details and landscapes. With the mirrors we can have overlapped perceptions: what we have nearby but also what is far away in the table next to us or in the corridor. Through the scaffolding structures we will see the different scenes of reality framed in multiple ways, giving to us different readings- not so obvious- of reality… and the reflections of the golden surfaces will provide a new materiality to every element submerge on them. The Golden Room owes a big part of its identity to its lighting. The general lighting is indirect, using projectors that sweep the ceiling made out of thermal gold-silver blankets hanging from the structure of the pavilion… provoking a golden reflected floating light.

Authors:  Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez and Izabela Wieczorek (Gálvez+Wieczorek)

Collaborators: Aekio S.L and Philips

Date: 2012

Status: Competiton Project

Location: ARCO 2013. Madrid, Spain.

Surface: 1.321,5 m ²