We have started again with our program in “Somatics for Architecture and Landscape” and we are happy to see different people and institutions interested in our work. In the following moths we are scheduling a couple of interviews about our experience. The first with Coventry University (UK) and their program “Somatics Toolkit for Ethnographers”, thanks to Doerte Weig for inviting us; the second will be for the “Feldenkrais Awareness SUMMIT. The map IS the territory” (USA) and it will be done with Cynthia Allen. Thanks also to Cynthia and her team for making it happen. We will inform you when they will be available on-line. ****Meanwhile we announce you some of our confirmed guests this semester (as you are STILL on time to join us!!): February the 27th we will travel through the different stages of the path to dreams and sleep with Patricio Simon, we are lucky as we want to know more about these stages in relation with creativity; March the 13th we will have a session with Cristina Palmese from “Paisaje Sensorial” and we will explore sound landscapes; March the 21st we will be able to visit and anechoic chamber thanks to Laura de Azcárate… haunting!!! And April the 3rd we have a new session with Jaime Polanco about body structures, biomechanics and much more****… learning through the alive system of our body… phenomenology… anthropology… somatics… imagination… perception… architecture and landscape… ecology… and your experience… THANKS TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS!!