Inside the book: “Aprehendiendo Arquitectura a través de las Artes Escénicas”. Edited and coordinated by Jaume Blancafort and Patricia Reus.

In the chapter, embodied cognition and contact with the essential continuity of living is proposed as a starting point for a different way of learning. The somatic laboratory applied to architecture and landscape allows sensory and organic learning.

The space of illusion, affects and effects as well as the space of darkness are described as a continuous dialogue with everything that surrounds us. The full continuity with the environment, the Kamaitachi, will be a key source to enter into contemporary architecture and landscape. It is based on direct experience and on somatic and atmospheric perceptual conscience, facing the world through its organism in latent continuity with all that is alive…

Author of the chapter: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez

Year: 2017-2018

Editors: Jaume Blancafort and Patricia Reus

Publisher: Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena