Embodying Knowing

The research lab Embodying Knowing is an invitation to practitioners from different artistic fields, science and philosophy to cross discipline boundaries, exchange on what bodily knowledge means and does in their practice, and share modes of working, learning, and researching. At the end of the lab, the five participants share their practice in an open-level workshop.

In our case we develop within the seminar the workshop “Interspecies Flesh” and in the public programme the workshop “Embodied Imagination Theories”. This public workshop reviews different theories of imagination and relates them to bodily experiences. Starting in the 1940s and going up to the present day, we go through poetic imagination, invention, imagination of the flesh, perceptual imagination and political imagination. The aim is to feel these ideas in our flesh and to be able to transform them into tools for our creative work.


This research seminar and workshop is organized by the TanzQuartier (MuseumQuartier) Vienna.

Coordinators: Linda Samareweerova & Anna Leon