The Ice Rink is located in the Río Manzanares fairgrounds of the Madrid municipality of Valdemoro. The space of leisure in the ice is designed trying to build a covered square giving continuity to the adjacent park and sport fields. This is the reason to open this closed container to the outdoor green space, when this happens the roof is extended. The roof hosts the main access area as a kind of covered square and meeting point. But the main inter-connexion in between the park and the indoor space is atmospheric through light and color. The material quality chosen is essential: the interior of the rink melds into the space of the public area by way of a colored curtain wall while, on the other hand, the greenish hue of the construction sets up a dialogue with the surrounding trees. The indoor space also aims to make the most of the atmospheric conditions that the ice will generate, and thus becomes a sort of perceptive sound box in which reflections, transparencies and different degrees of brightness interact.

Authors: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez Pérez and Luca Brunelli

Collaborators: Ana Bonet, B. Rodríguez Chaparro, J. García, M. Reques, K. Fernández Gaztelu, M. Serboli, C. de Prada, J. Lobato and M. Á. Rica (Technical Architect)

Developer: Ayuntamiento de Valdemoro

Advisors: Technical installations: Teconsa;  Structure: Teconsa and IDEEE (Jorge Conde)

Construction Company: Teconsa

Date: 2005 (project) 2006 (construction)

Location: Madrid, España

Built surface: 3.696,85 m2

Budget: 4.532.875 €

Photography: Roland Halbe and Alejandro García & Francisco Andeyro.