Quotidian phenomenology

Graphic diary recording a series of domestic situations. Some of them have been never showed, some other were present in exhibition like “Inéditos 2005. PoSTbosq. Una ExpoExpedición” (Collective exhibition Espai cultural, Obra social Caja Madrid, Plaça Catalunya 9, Barcelona and La Casa Encendida, Obra social Caja Madrid, Ronda Valencia 2, Madrid, 2005) or published within books like the monography “EXCEPTO 21. Active Cartographies”. Some of them were also included in the project “The Vacant Room” (Europan IX. Switzerland)

The last two images are new transformations implemented in April of 2020, within the quarantine situation due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The first is titled “Fully on the road…” and was developed for the project “Endless Doll House Project” curated by Fermina Garrido, Gonzalo Lozano and Mara Sánchez Llorens.

The second- “WEATHERING”- is part of the exhibition “Coovid 20 Coopera con la Vida” a project by the art collective “Blanco, Negro y Magenta” curated by Marga Colás. You can read below the text that accompany this work.:


Weathering is a vital condition that we negate most of the times. We don’t want to be exposed to meteorological inclemency, we don’t want time to pass through us- we prefer to be forever young- we don’t want to be transformed by mixture with other beings- the result should be unpredictable and we have fear of it- and we don’t understand that our genuine successors are diverse organisms, mineral matter or other bodies, not only the ones we conceive biologically.

Weathering, on the other hand, doesn’t deny us: penetrates us, and penetrates our houses. There is no shelter against inclemency, the transformation produced by time, the interdependency and interrelation of beings and matter or decay and end, death and rebirth.

Weathering, on the other hand, listen to us and give us fractures in which we can root our knowledge. Inclemency is vital impulse, currents of fluxes, compost for the new; time cross us and shows us different aspects every time. It is not configured in a lineal way, cross us vertically, horizontally and diagonally; unknown bodies take care of us unpredictably, feed us; and we recognize sometime in our skin the rest of another “something”, another “somebody” that was and now it is “me”.

Weathering goes ahead visibly today, it brings us together under its influence and affect. Decay and blossoming all at once. Ruin and beginning in a single moment.

Author: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez