The extension of the La Lastrilla Cemetery is a project about the perimeter and its textures.
In order to work with this, three different kinds of materials are used: concrete, metal profiles and wood. A concrete wall with clefts is defined. Clefts respond to light changes but mainly to touch. In singular points, some metallic pieces are embedded and the voids and access are qualified using wood.
The height of the wall is variable: it achieves diverse ways to frame the sky, the area in itself and the limits of the possible contact that we can establish with the materiality of the site. The only open viewpoint looks forward the highlands and the landscape… in this way one can touch the horizon. The surrounding town of La Lastrilla, disappears in within the place, only the sky, the horizon and the different textures of perimeter and terrain are left.

Authors: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez Pérez and Miguel Ángel García Grande

Building site direction: Miguel Ángel García Grande

Date: 2001- 2005

Status: Built work

Location: Segovia, Spain