Sunset Expander is a collection of devices to be implemented in different cities all around the world. Several low-tech “machines”, with social, somatic and participative character, configure it. It contains the following proposals: “Performative Implementation in four acts of the SUNSET EXPANDER”; “SUNSET in three”; “Three SUNSETS in one”; “Floating SUNSET” and “Hanging SUNSET”.
Sunset Expander is an instrument of transformation of the urban public space, an enhancer of situations creating communities and “beauty now”, within instants. Time is one of its main design agents. It captures a shared moment in the citizens’ life, intensifying it and promoting real perception now, it reaches urban scales but also small gestures. It is platform of expression giving voice to inhabitants. Its tools are playful and creative through shared celebrations and feasts. The devices or machines are means to intensify what is already happening in a spontaneous way in place. They enlarge the possibilities of imaginaries. They unchained events.

Authors: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez, Edgardo Mercado, Victoria Cobeña and Izabela Wieczorek.

Collaborators: Mercedes Bernal, Ana Fernández Galván, Álvaro Maján, Elena Vallejo, Laura López Gabaldón, Ana Pérez Fernández, Ricardo García Navia, Xavier Aguiló and Mariano Molina.

Developers: Norwegian Embassy in Madrid plus Gálvez+Wieczorek & Colectivo TOUCHandGOreality. AWARDED PROJECT with an EEA GRANT from the Norwegian Embassy in Spain.

Date: 2012-13

Status: Project

Location: Different cities all around the world (examples developed in Madrid, Spain and Oslo, Norway)