Stars of creativity… the NEW AARCH is structured mainly as a collection of interconnected “creative warehouses or big workshops” joined to the existing constructions. Each hexagonal big workshop can have its space totally interconnected and permeable with the next one or can be closed in the case it is needed. Each of these cells is organized in sectors and all of them have, in the center, a covered courtyard for prototypes (mock-ups) and daylight experiments. Each workshop has also close connection with the specialized labs, meeting rooms, etc. so all the basic equipments for creative production and learning are at hand. In addition, some facades are covered by scaffoldings so different tests and never-ending constructions can be developed here. The relation with the adjacent outdoor spaces is so close, that in the whole area it will be produce a very vivid and intense exchange with the public space and the community of the neighborhood. As the area is floodable the landscape is thought in dry and wet scenarios.

Author: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez Pérez

Collaborators: J. Gálvez Moreno and M.A Pérez Ligero

Date: 2016

Status: Competition project

Location: Aarhus, Denmark