Under the social point of view the idea is to recover a space where daily life can evolve with the whole richness of human rituals, the ones associated with different ages and profiles. All the programs are, in addition, intertwined with the new proposed thermodynamic in order to get the energetic comfort of the building. Mainly, we have to deal with high temperatures in between May and August and work to reduce humidity. In order to achieve this, a proper ventilation is included using a space configuration able to create a ventilation stack to take advantage of the dominant wind coming from southeast. This is done through an adjacent new construction (located in the north side) able to produce this new thermodynamic functioning of the building. This settlement for the wind trajectory is complemented with a roof with more protection against solar radiation and also able to irradiate heat every night to the celestial sphere. It is a superposition on top of the existing roof- untouched- using a collection of air cushions. Inside them is directed a current of fresh air coming from the subsoil, so the impact of overheating in the indoor space is diminished. At the same time, these new cushions develop three energetic strategies: the first is their materiality, using polycarbonate or etfe with heat-stop white iridescent colour; the second is the possibility they have to open at night, in several points, expelling in this way the accumulated heat along the day; and the third is the inclusion of a series of aquatic gardens, water roofs, that would allow also, different energetic cushions and irradiation at night.

Author: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez Pérez

Collaborator: Laura López Gabaldón

Developer: COA Almería

Date: 2014

Status: Competition project

Location: Roquetas de Mar, Almería, Spain