Somatic Space: Tools for its transformation > 4 Cases.

Abstract: In this text we will understand Somatic Space as the one emerging from a full experience, in multiple articulation, spatial-temporal-social-environmental. The target will be to show some tools coming from modern, postmodern and contemporary dance which we can follow in order to experience different conceptions and transformations of this Somatic Space… the next step would be to confront this knowledge with our architectonical, urban or landscape practice.

(Full text only in Spanish)

Author: Mª Auxiliadora Gálvez

Year: 2015

Gálvez Pérez, Mª Auxiliadora: Espacio Somático: Herramientas para su transformación >>>> 4 casos, CIRCO. El Doble del Mundo, 2015.209, pp. 1-6, 2015

Image: Merce Cunningham. Spatial Score “Suit by Chance”, 1953.